It is called the garden city and the island of the first world in the third. We tell you about 9 things not to do in Singapore, so as not to get a significant fine or not to be behind bars.

The island city-state with a developed economy and almost no crime has achieved a lot — including thanks to a fairly impressive list of prohibitions. Among them, there are some that seem not obvious to an inexperienced tourist. How do I avoid being listed as a “stupid foreigner” or, even worse, a Fine City police station?

Demonstrate non-traditional relationshipsThings not to do in Singapore

If you are an extraordinary person with open views, in Singapore it is not necessary to show this publicly. There is a strict ban on same-sex relationships; you can go to jail even for an ordinary kiss in public. This does not mean that there are no gays in the country. It often happens that the couples are hiding in the thematic bars and saunas. Nevertheless, the law for same-sex relationships provides for arrest for up to two years.

Defecate in elevators

In General, the civilized world is aware that elevators are designed for quite another, and for the same there are toilets (and they are in Singapore at every step). But elevators with a urine detector will not leave indifferent even the most advanced inhabitants of the planet. As soon as the alarm goes off, the doors are automatically locked until the police arrive. So far, such devices are not available everywhere in the city-state, but, for obvious reasons, they are rapidly gaining popularity.

Walking the streets late at night

The night in Singapore starts as scheduled — at 22 hours. If you decide to go for a walk with friends on a Saturday night, make sure that there are only two of you and it’s not too late. Otherwise, you risk being fined, and maybe taken to a police station to find out your identity. In Singapore, it is officially forbidden to gather companies of more than two people after 22: 00.

Singapore is called the Fine City. The nickname is based on the word fine — an English homonym with two meanings: “fine” and “beautiful”, and both fully characterize the city-state.

Spit in the well and dirty the walls

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And don’t spit anywhere at all, because an ordinary spit on the ground can cost you a fine the size of an air flight from Moscow to Singapore. It is worth noting that littering is also prohibited here. The authorities closely monitor the cleanliness of the streets. In places of pretentious skyscrapers, they even wash the pavements with shampoo. On the outskirts, everything is simpler, but it also corresponds to the saying: “Clean where they don’t litter.” From here, by the way, the legs grow in another local ban, according to which you can not feed pigeons — for this there is a fine of up to 500 Singapore dollars (SGD). Unauthorized graffiti is also punishable — the creative itch, splashed visually on the walls, is fraught with even arrest. However, if you can draw, try to negotiate with the authorities — legal graffiti is not prohibited.

Leave a tip

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The services of this beautiful city work without tips. In cafes and restaurants do not thank you with money, even if the food seemed very tasty. Taxi drivers and airport employees, for example, are officially prohibited from taking tips at all (although some hotels and cafes still sometimes include 10% directly in the bill). According to one version, this rule is associated with a long and effective fight against corruption, as a result of which tips were perceived as a bribe for the service. On the other hand, the culture of tipping is absent in the country due to the high standard of living and fairly large salaries.

Use chewing gum

Before you travel, we recommend that you carefully check your Luggage for chewing gum, otherwise you may get into trouble at the border. Chewing gum in the country is not prohibited by law, although it is not sold. But for the import of babl-Gama to Singapore, there is a fine of up to 100,000 SGD. The forbidden measure was adopted in 1992, because in a hot climate, even accidentally falling on the asphalt gum spoiled both the road surface and the shoes of passers-by. In the fight for clean sidewalks, the government of the country of perfectionism has solved the problem radically.

Forget to pay the fare

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If you pay with a transport card on public transport, don’t forget to attach it to the reader that registers the end of the trip when you exit. Otherwise, the maximum fare will be deducted from the card — 2.5 SGD, while the usual fare for card payments is 0.6 SGD (for cash payments – 1 SGD).

Do not rely on “no one will see” and “I will not be noticed”. In Singapore, among ordinary passers-by, there are plainclothes inspectors, whom you will notice only after committing an illegal act — when they come to you to issue a fine.

Come to the country under the influence of drugs

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When ordering a miracle cupcake in one of the coffee shops in Amsterdam, think: are you flying to Singapore in the near future? Otherwise, there is a high probability that you will not be allowed to go there. Of course, when passing the border, not everyone is checked, but only those who arouse suspicion or behave provocatively. However, in a foreign country, as they say… (“My planet” is against the use of any illegal drugs.)

Criticize the government

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The Singapore government is very sensitive to criticism. With a foreigner, most likely, they will simply conduct an educational conversation and close further entry, but residents can even expect to be arrested.

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