” I lived in a tent

one and a half years»

I was born in Donetsk, Ukraine, but my mother and I moved to Israel when I was just 8 years old. I managed to learn only in the first grade in Ukraine and was forced to change not only the school, but also the language of instruction. At the age of 8, I started learning Hebrew from scratch. At this age, languages are given quite easily, so it was not difficult for me, I learned the language quickly enough.

While still at school, I went to work to provide myself with pocket money. At the age of 15, I was already working as a loader in a vegetable warehouse, sometimes working part-time at a car wash, and during the summer holidays I worked as an air conditioner installer. And that’s when my friend suggested that I go on a trip to Canada with him. At that moment, I had just saved up some money and almost without hesitation agreed. We flew to Canada, bought a small minivan and drove around this amazing country for a month. This was the first revelation of my life. I realized that it is so easy to take and go somewhere to travel.

 I lived in a tent for a year and a half< / a>

I returned from the trip in a state of complete delight, and three days later I was drafted into the army. I served for three years, but in the Israeli army you can go on leave every weekend, so it’s not so bad. I was a mechanic and together with the other mechanics we lived in a separate house near the garages. We had almost everything: a refrigerator, air conditioning, TV, a DVD player, and even our own garden, where we grew various vegetables. We had a lot of girls on the base, so I liked serving there. Of course, according to the regulations, it was impossible to communicate and invite girls to our house, but we had a cool commander, whom we constantly helped to fix the car, so he turned a blind eye to it.

After the army, I got a job as a truck driver, so I earned my first motorcycle. But after a while I got tired of it all. I had everything I could wish for, but I didn’t have the most important thing — freedom. Realizing this, I quit my job and went to travel around India and Nepal. Because of this journey, and especially because of India, I began to understand this world. I was traveling on a motorcycle and that only happened to me, there were serious accidents, I was robbed several times, I saw real poverty. In Israel, for example, people have everything, but they still do not stop complaining about life, and in India, many people, having nothing, live happily. That’s when I started thinking about what happiness is. I realized that I wanted to study the world and see how people live in different countries.

Boris. Life in a tent

After India, I went home, told my boss that I wasn’t going back, and left for Morocco. After Morocco, I flew to South America, where I hitchhiked almost every country. It was interesting, but quite difficult. Since I am a budget traveler, I almost never stay in hostels, but spend the night in a tent and wherever I have to. So I had to sleep on the roofs of supermarkets, in the police, in the back of trucks. This, by the way, I did only for security reasons, because in many countries of South America it is quite dangerous to be in the dark for a traveler with a backpack, there is a high probability of being robbed, so I found empty trucks, climbed into the back and slept there so that no one would see me. South America also had a strong influence on me, and a Muse came to me, so I started writing poetry.

” a Third of my phone contact list is people I’ve ever picked up»

After South America, I returned home. I had already run out of money at that time, so I was forced to get a job. This time my job wasn’t very good, but I had a goal to earn money for the next trip. I worked for a few months, then went on a six-month trip to Mongolia, China, and Laos. Mongolia was quite difficult for me, but it was a good school for survival. I was hitchhiking, so I had to carry a few days ‘ supply of water with me. Once in the Gobi desert, my water supply ran out, and the nearest source was unknown after how many kilometers, but along the way I came across a whole column of jeeps with Russian license plates, none of them even stopped when I defiantly held up my empty bottle.

Then I returned home a couple of times to earn money for the next trip. He also worked as a driver, but in other companies. In Israel, there are no problems with work, so I found a job in the first couple of weeks. I like my job, I’m constantly on the move, I’m constantly meeting new people. A third of my phone contact list is people I’ve ever picked up. Some of them I even met by chance abroad.

“in everyday life, we never think about many things, because we just don’t have time to think about them»

I spent a lot of nights in a tent when I was traveling, so when I got home, I thought, why don’t I live in a tent? Not far from my work was a small forest, where I set up my home. I had a shower there, a kitchen, I even set up a small garden there where I grew vegetables, but after a while I was evicted from there, so I moved to another place, and then I was forced to move again, because there were a lot of dangerous snakes in that place. I lived in a tent for a total of one and a half years and I really liked it, my friends often came to visit me. They always knew that I was not like everyone else, so they treated all my ideas well.

Now I travel to Central Asia, I keep a diary about my trip, where I write about everything, including the people I meet. The journey has affected me greatly, but in my heart I am still the same person I was before. I have always helped people, and from the moment I was born, I understood that you need to do good things. My worldview has changed a lot, I began to understand my life better, and I found the key to happiness. Happiness is eternal, it is quite difficult to lose it. In everyday life, we never think about many things, because we just don’t have time to think about it, and when you travel, you always think about life.

My attitude to money has changed. I am a rich man, although I don’t have much money. In Georgia and Armenia, for example, I traveled for 6 months, and spent only $1000 along with visas and air tickets. I’m not chasing money, I’m already at the top, nowhere higher. Despite my free lifestyle, I am not completely free. I have responsibilities, for example, I have to return home periodically to help my mother. And various other things, a car, a motorcycle, a license, and so on.


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