In previous posts I have already told you, how people live in the Pamir mountains in Tajikistan, but the life of people in this country is very different, depending on the area. Let’s take a walk today through a small mountain village located in the area called Ishkashim, and see how do people live in Tajikistan mountains.

The road here runs along the border with Afghanistan (the right Bank in the photo above), and the border itself is the turbulent mountain river Panj. The altitude of this area varies from 1500 to 2500 meters above sea level.

To get to the village, you need to turn off the main road and climb 400 meters up the mountain. This is the road to the village, which is eroded by streams flowing from melting glaciers.

The main place in the village is a huge cauldron. Here, on holidays, the entire village gathers and prepares pilaf and other dishes. The festivities are usually attended by all the villagers.

This is what the average house in the village looks like. A family of 12 people with a baby lives here. Please note that the house does not even have Windows. Joke. In fact, this is a storage facility where products and various household utensils are stored.

Things are not as bad in Tajikistan as you might think. For example, the sheep rest in the shade of a Mercedes.

A girl washes dishes in the stream. There is no Central water supply yet.

There are a lot of children in the village. Children spend all day walking on the street and entertain themselves as much as they can.

Let’s take a walk. These are country roads. Fences are laid out of stones, just putting them on top of each other. They say that such a fence is worth a long time if you do not touch it.

Trees here are wrapped in cloth to protect them from animals.

Glacial streams flow directly through the village.

Local shy girl.

And this is the traditional Pamir spit. Specially woven threads are woven into the hair, forming a continuation of the braid with tips, like a jester.

Guys walk with a rooster. Most likely they go to cockfights, which are very common in this area.

Local builders are building a new stone house. For construction, they use ordinary natural stone, because it is cheap and durable. The cost of such a house is estimated at about $8000. $2000 goes to the builders, the rest for materials. Four builders build such a house in just 2 months.

This is the builders ‘ booth, where they rest and eat. Since the Tajiks are one of the most hospitable Nations, we could not leave the village hungry. We were invited to dinner in this very booth.

For dinner there was shorpo (stew of vegetables and meat) and the freshest flatbread. Of course, it was not without a bottle of vodka, this is a kind of tradition here.

Now we must be on our way. The sun is hiding in the mountains of Afghanistan. In General, the views are excellent.

how do people live in tajikistan

Would you like to live like this?

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