A lot of people think India is a very poor country that is covered by dirt and there people live only in slums.

But in reality, India is a fast-growing country with a strong economy.

Here, just like in Russia, there are poor and middle-class people, and there are very rich people, but everything has its time. Last time I told you how to act in an Indian movie and make money from it, and today I will show you how middle-class people live in India. The report was made in Calcutta.

So, I stayed through Couchsurfing with a beautiful girl Debjani. She put me in a separate room with a shower and toilet. This is the bedroom I lived in for three days. There is a separate toilet and shower, so I did not feel any inconvenience staying in the same apartment with an Indian girl.

how people live in india

This is the living room. See how beautiful and stylish everything is in European style. This is rare even in Russia, but here in an ordinary, seemingly Indian house such beauty.

This is a kitchen, it is very small, so it was difficult to photograph it. Please note that in India, too, it is customary to sculpt magnets on the refrigerator.

Here it is, the view from above. In General, it is very strange that the kitchen is this size, because in India it is customary to cook a lot of food at once — various curries, rice, vegetables, etc. Gas is used for cooking here, it is cheaper.

Living room from a different angle. On the left is another bedroom, and on the right is another toilet and shower. Usually in such apartments live families of 3-4 people, which is quite comfortable.

Absolutely wonderful balcony with floor-to-ceiling Windows and views of the residential quarter. Let’s go out and see what’s in the yard.

And there’s a pool in the yard! It is difficult to imagine that low-cost middle-class housing would be equipped with swimming pools in most of the countries. But this is India. Local residents do not use the pool often, but they clean it, nevertheless, regularly.

Tennis court in the courtyard of a residential building! What do you think?

In General, the area is clean and beautiful. The district is located about 15 km from the city center, which is not that far by Indian standards, because of the population density of cities in India stretch for many kilometers. In the agglomeration of Calcutta, for example, according to Wikipedia, almost 20 million people live.

There is also a swimming pool in the next yard. The architecture is not at all like that of India.

For some reason, bars are installed on Windows at a height of 7-15 floors. Apparently, so that the neighbors didn’t get in)

It was a pleasant surprise to me that the roofs of Indian houses are open to residents. View of fields, woodlands, and other areas in the distance.

This is the entrance, it is quite spacious and quite clean.

Middle-class people in India can afford to take the Elevator.

Ground floor.

Yard. Look at the beauty, how well-groomed everything is. Looks like India?

Each house has its own security, which works around the clock and, attention, the guards stand up to greet the residents.

As of may 2017, an apartment in this area costs about 4 million rupees, which is approximately equal to $50 000. View of the pool from the ground.

The maintenance of such an apartment costs about 4,000 rupees (~$50) per month.

Balcony on the first floor. Bars and flowers. Very cute.

Parking is available outside the courtyards. There are not a lot of cars, mostly people move here on scooters and motorcycles.

If you have a car, you can’t buy an apartment here without buying Parking. This is a strict rule. Feel the difference? It is customary to leave cars anywhere, but not to buy a Parking space.

The exit from the courtyard is quite long. You will have to walk a long distance.

At the exit, again, there is a security guard who works around the clock. If you come to visit, then in order to get to the territory, the security guard must contact the owner of the apartment and make sure that he is really waiting for you.

Surrounding area. Fences and fences are made of bamboo. They are painted green in places. Here you can already feel the real India. Outside of such residential complexes, people already live right on the street.

The house does not cease to be built, and the apartment sold.

Would you like to live like this?

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Wow that looks super cool..I hope u had a pleasant stay !!


Wounderful writeup…great


Необычно как


Интересно, что большинство людей живут в Индии очень бедно, ни о каких квартирах и речи нет, половина Индии живет в трущобах