If you happen to be in India, I recommend that you do not waste time and immediately go to Mumbai or Kolkata (Bombay and Calcutta). These are the two largest cinematic cities where most of the Indian films are shot. Bombay is known as Bollywood, and Calcutta is known as Tollywood. I was lucky to be in Calcutta, so this post is about Tollywood Bengali movies, and how I got there. I’m gonna tell you about easy way how to become an actor in India.

We go into the building where the shooting takes place. This is a room with props, it is full of all sorts of interesting old things that are used in the shooting.

 How to star in an Indian movie and make money from it

The film was made about the time of the English colonizers, so the atmosphere and atmosphere were appropriate. This is, for example, the table of makeup artists. No luxury, just hardcore.

Here costumers select costumes, and actors change their clothes. The building is hot, outside the window +36, there is no air conditioning, the actors cope as best they can.

Costumers immediately sew and re-sew clothes on the spot. By the way, they have suits for every size and taste.

Let’s go to the set. Here everything is much more serious, a strict Director runs back and forth. The bulk of the actors are Indians. Together with me, travelers from Italy, England, France, Colombia and other countries played in the background. Very international cinema.

I played the role of attorney for the prosecution. The role was not dusty, I had to sit at the table and at the right moment get up and take a stack of documents to the judge. the Room is full of Indian jurors.

The documents only look real at first glance. In fact, these are documents from the 90s from some archives of the times of colonization.

The judge was a charismatic foreigner who played very naturally. If you have acting skills, there is a chance that you will also be given an important role.

In India, it is considered a special coolness if a European is shot in a film, the attractiveness of such a film immediately increases at times, so it is very easy for a foreigner to star in an Indian movie, it is enough to find a special agent.

How to become an actor in India

In Calcutta, one of the agents works on Sudder street. To find it, you need to go to the street and ask any local how to act in an Indian movie. Not the first, so the second will lead you to it.

These buses are intended for the actors of the first plan. They have toilets and air conditioning.

For participation in the shooting in Calcutta usually pay $33 per day (from 7 to 18), which is quite a lot if you travel with a small budget. In addition, all actors without exception are fed during the day.

This is the kitchen, where food is waiting for the actors in special pans, which is constantly heated by coals from below. The food was delicious and the dishes were mostly vegetarian.

If you go to the shooting, then bring a book with you, because you will only be shooting for a couple of hours, and the rest of the time you will be waiting for your turn.

Each scene is practiced several times, so be prepared to sit for a long time in uncomfortable and hot clothes. I got a jacket with a vest and a shirt, it was hot.

This is what shooting equipment looks like at night. On the street in the evening there is almost no shooting because of the millions of insects that climb into all possible places.

Our shooting day ended quite late, it was 9 PM on the clock, but it was an amazing experience that is worth it to come to Calcutta and spend the day of your life.

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