“As soon as I found out that he had just over a year to live, I quit my job and went traveling»

I was born in the German city of Bremen. Probably everyone has heard about this beautiful city thanks to the Bremen musicians of the brothers Grimm. My life was no different from the life of ordinary teenagers, I just like everyone else went to school, after which I went to University. I always wanted to help people, so my choice fell on medical school.

While still at University, I started working part-time, working in a hospital in my spare time. After graduation, I went to work in the intensive care unit, where I worked for several years. It was an interesting but very difficult time. I’ve seen a lot of people die, it’s very difficult to live with, but the hundreds of lives saved were worth it.

Klaus — I quit my job and started travelling

One day, when I was on shift, a young man came up to me and asked for help. He complained of a severe headache, so I sent him to a neurologist. “Hey,” I said — ” I’m a resuscitator, not a neurologist, why did you come to me with such nonsense?” There was nothing left for him to do, so he left. And then I met this guy for the second time, when my colleague came up to me and said that the guy had a brain tumor. But he came to me a couple of days ago and complained of a headache, and I sent him away so that he wouldn’t bother me with such nonsense. As soon as I learned that he had a little more than a year to live, I began to wonder how life could end so suddenly. Just one year, for a 21-year-old guy, this is absolutely nothing, he will not even have time to understand what is happening around him and will not be able to enjoy life to the full.


Then I realized that my life was one and I didn’t know how long I had left, so I quit my job and went traveling. I have been traveling for more than 20 years, periodically living in different countries of the world. The last time I lived in Brazil for several months, I have now arrived in Bangkok, and from here I will fly to Indonesia to Bali, where I also plan to spend a few months.

During the trip, I received a new education. I still help people, work as a civil engineering engineer, and design engineering systems for private homes and social institutions. I mostly work remotely, but I’m satisfied with what I earn, I’m not chasing a lot of money. All I need is to maintain my journey at a level of comfort sufficient for me.