This may seem wild to most of the people, but some people still live in yurts in the mountains of amazing Kyrgyzstan. Let’s go inside one such Yurt and see what is life in a Yurt like and how the life of mountain Kyrgyz is arranged.

People in these yurts live almost all over the territory of Kyrgyzstan, but we will visit a place near the famous Lenin peak, which is located on the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

These yurts are located near the base camp of climbers, tourists stay here, and the family that we came to visit is engaged in servicing this place. A family lives in one of the yurts, and tourists stay in the other two.

life in a yurt

But we love to look at the life of people, so we stopped right in the family Yurt, we were gladly accepted and told about all the features of life in the mountains.

The center of the Yurt is an oven that serves as a stove for cooking, as well as a heater, because in the mountains the air temperature hardly reaches 20 degrees, and at night it falls to zero.

All life in the Yurt is mostly around the stove. Here they cook, play, wash, and wash.

There is almost no furniture in the Yurt, because it is difficult to transport it, so the Yurt structure itself is used as a wardrobe. The design is not as simple as it seems at first glance. These yurts are made by special masters, and the cost of one Yurt is approximately $ 2500. This Yurt will serve you for at least 100 years. This one, for example, is 25 years old.

There is no electricity, the electricity is supplied from a generator and turns on for about an hour once or twice a day. The TV does not even turn off, so as not to waste precious seconds on turning it on. TV is mainly used by children to watch cartoons.

This is the morning table. They eat on the floor here. For Breakfast we have pilaf, tortillas with butter and tea. No Nutella or coffee.

This is the main element of the Yurt, through which people get in or out. There are amazing views outside the door. Yurts are allowed to be placed anywhere in the country, as long as they are not on private territory. It takes an hour and a half to assemble the Yurt, and an hour to disassemble it.

And this is the only window located in the ceiling. The main part of the light comes through it.

Time to make cakes! Tortillas are molded directly on the floor on a large piece of skin.

At a time, the hostess makes 35 cakes, which are enough for a couple of days.

For baking, use a cauldron for pilaf.

An ordinary cauldron turns into a small tandoor. Tortillas are prepared quickly enough.

Tortillas are delicious. The recipe is simple-water and flour. Life in a Yurt is fragrant and delicious.

To make it more delicious, the tortilla is smeared with melted butter and sprinkled with sugar. It will taste better than your bagels.

The day is boring and monotonous. It’s time to sleep. This is bedding.

This is the bed. Yes, they sleep on the floor here, too.

Not even on the floor, but on the ground. The Yurt is placed on the bare ground, which is covered with a single layer of carpets, on which they sleep. They usually go to bed at 10 PM and get up at 7 am.

The family is resting in a clearing. The family is large, 10 children and parents, only 12 people.

All children of different ages. Almost none of them speak Russian. Although Russian is taught at school, it is very poorly and rarely.

The family comes here for the whole summer from about the middle of June to the end of August. The children are on vacation, so they come with their family.

Beauty in every sense!

Pay attention to the girl’s tan. So that you don’t think that all Asians are dark. Asians are also white, they just sunbathe in the mountain sun.

These are the owners of the Yurt. My mother is 43 and has 10 children. Are you weak?

Now let’s take a walk and look around. On the right, you can see the famous Lenin peak, whose height is 7134 meters. This is a very popular place among mountain climbers.

The surroundings of this place are full of fabulous landscapes. Here you want to pinch yourself to Wake up.

Valleys and gorges are especially beautiful when they are filled with the evening Golden sun. I want to live here.

Here in the mountains, every day is like Groundhog day!

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