Today I will show you typical Lao bamboo house and how do ordinary people live in Laos in an ordinary mountain village.

This village is of average poverty, located at an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level. The entire village is no more than 30 houses. Let’s take a walk.

There are a lot of stone houses in this village, people live quite well, but there are also traditional examples.

Someone took a step to a new level of life and started building a stone house.

And someone still lives in bamboo, but with a cell phone.

This is a store, a woman with a child-a seller and at the same time a resident of this house.

Children play with a knife.

This village is lucky to have a school here. Many children in Laos are forced to walk to school in a neighboring village for many kilometers.

Some of the houses look very nice.

Come close. Look at the view!

Juliet is waiting for her Romeo.

Look back.

In the telly Paradise and in the hut.

A million-dollar view, a fifty-dollar house.

Bamboo house

Laundry is dried against the background of mountains.

And sometimes so.

Go on. In many Lao villages, it is customary to paint houses in the color of the earth, beige, pink or light brown paint. Apparently, this way they get dirty less.

Middle-class house.

Nice house for a richer family.

General view of the village.

Local residents wash dishes. Please note that the child is tied to the mother permanently, it hangs like this almost all day while she is doing chores.

Another modest house.

Another store, but bigger.

That’s it, the village is over, but the excellent views remain.

Soon there will be a report from a poor Lao village, do not switch!

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