Just few people know about life in Brunei, and even fewer people know that it is one of the oil production leaders in the World. Brunei is on the 6th place in the list of countries by oil production per capita.

Several large oil fields were discovered here about 100 years ago, after that the economy started to develop rapidly, and the living standards have been increased rapidly.

Brunei has become one of the richest countries in Southeast Asia following Singapore with its developed economy. Let’s see how an ordinary history teacher lives in this little-known country.

Nikki has been working as a history teacher for few years. At the same time he does his own fashion business. He is a fashion designer and sews traditional Bruneian shirts. Nikki told me about life in Brunei.

This is how houses in Brunei look like. Usually there is a parking at the ground level as in Singapore


There are also separate parking lots with roofs to protect cars from rain. The Parking space is not for free. To park your car inside courtyard you should purchase or rent it. If you bought a car please pay for parking.

The courtyard is well serviced. Wild monkeys always come here from the nearest jungle.

Let’s go up and take a look at the apartment. In the first view the apartment looks ordinary. Nothing special.

Until you see the panoramic window. That looks amazing!

Just imagine how cool is to live in the apartment in front of the jungle.
This is the living room, the view from the main door. Nikki rents it for 2,000 usd a month. Not really cheap.

Life in Brunei

I guess you are curious, how does a history teacher get such a lot of money in Asia? The fact is that there are some of the highest salaries in the world. A teacher’s salary, for example, starts at $ 2,000 a month. Security guards get 1000 usd a month.

There is another panoramic window at the opposite side of the apartment, but a bit smaller.

life in brunei

Life in Brunei is very comfortable due to a good weather during the year. it is not cold here in winter, but it can be quite hot in summer. Here is a rain season that lasts for two or three months.

life in brunei

Medicine in Brunei is free for citizens, but you need to pay 1 Bruneian dollar (~0.5 usd) for a doctor’s appointment. All other medical care will be absolutely free of charge.

View from the balcony.

The kitchen is quite big. Nikki almost doesn’t cook at home, because the food in Brunei is cheap. You can get a lunch in the cafe just for 2-4 usd. Proper food at the night market starts from 1 usd.

Bruneian cuisine is very similar to Malay and Indonesian cuisine. People eat a lot of meat and fish here.

View from the balcony to the courtyard.

View from the second balcony. Living in the jungle! What else we can dream about?

Of course, this is not the cheapest option to live in Brunei, you can also rent a small apartment or even a house much cheaper. For example, a one-room apartment a bit away from the downtown will cost you 500-600 usd a month.

But expect there won’t be a public swimming pool and a sport ground. The pool is regularly cleaned by service workers.

Neighbor house. One interesting fact about life in Brunei. Polygamy is legalized here, but only Muslim men can have two or even three wifes. You will need to prove to the court you are able to support all your wifes.

life in brunei

By the way, rooftops here are open, so you can get up and enjoy the beautiful views.

All right, let’s go down!

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