New Delhi is the largest city in India and also the capital of this amazing country.

At Delhi airport, there is a special dude who for some reason puts all the Luggage from the Luggage belt on the floor, and passengers search for their suitcases among a pile of other suitcases.

At the exits and entrances, military personnel are on duty, covering themselves with metal shields.

Carelessly corrected navigation in the Delhi metro.

By the way, navigation in the Delhi metro is simple and convenient. The metro is easy to use.

Women wear 10 bricks on their heads.

Indian children are terribly photogenic. You don’t need to have special skills to make a good photo.

Wires everywhere.

New Delhi

Contemporary art.

Some traffic lights are duplicated by miniature traffic lights.

The food is delicious, but it looks unappetizing. To eat inexpensive food, you need to eat where a lot of locals eat. We paid 130 rupees for this meal, which is almost equal to 130 rubles.

The tattooist hits the tattoo in the street. There is dirt and unsanitary conditions around, but everyone is happy.

In the metro, there are employees who control the number of people in the cars and do not let extra people in.

Slums. These people are still living pretty well.

 new Delhi

Buying drugs in Delhi is not a problem. Drugs are advertised openly.

At night, new Delhi looks something like this.

 new Delhi

We are going to Jaipur. Then the story of the evening bus and beautiful Jaipur.

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