” I want to open a dog shelter. This is one of the dreams that drive me»

I was born in Israel in the small town of Hod HaSharon. It was small when I was born, but it’s much bigger now. My mother is from tel Aviv, and my father is an Argentine, he was born in Buenos Aires, so I have Argentine blood, although I have never been there. My parents met in the Israeli army, then got married and moved to Belgium after I was born.

I learned French in kindergarten and by the age of 4 I was fluent in it, although no one in my family speaks French. I even have a video somewhere where I speak French as a little girl. Unfortunately, after moving back to Israel, I completely forgot it, but I started learning English. I learned from movies and TV shows, it was the easiest and most inexpensive way for me.

I want to open a dog shelter< / a>

I studied at the Institute of cinematography, but I left school early because I was bored, I always slept at lectures. I even always had a pillow with me, which I put in my backpack and fell asleep on it right at the Desk. I left the Institute and went to work as a waitress, but I didn’t work there very long, because at 19 I was drafted into the army. I served two years, the first year I worked with dogs, and the second year in the store at the military unit. I can’t tell you in detail what I did in the service, otherwise our enemies may learn different secrets about our army.

After the army, I bought a ticket to New Zealand, where I traveled with my friends in a small truck that we bought specifically for this purpose. I liked it there and decided to stay a little longer in this incredibly beautiful country. I got a work visa and got a job as a nanny. Two months of working with four young children of different ages permanently discouraged me from having children. It was a useful, though very difficult experience.

From New Zealand, I flew to Bangkok, where I hitchhiked for the first time in my life. Then there was Cambodia, where I traveled with my friends. In Cambodia, I met Kalle< / a>, after which my life changed a lot. We flew to India and traveled there for a while, then there was Nepal, where my mother flew. Then she told me that she had never seen me so happy.

I love the wild. I like to watch flowers, vegetables, and fruits grow. It makes me happy. I adore happy Indian children, it is impossible not to be happy looking at them. In General, I like to meet new people, learn new cultures and traditions. This is a very important part of my life.

dreaming about dog shelter

Now we want to find an inexpensive piece of land in Kyrgyzstan to live there and grow vegetables and fruits. We want to be independent from the outside world, we want to fully provide ourselves with food. And we still have the desire to open a shelter for dogs here, this is one of the dreams that now drives us.