Now I will show you something that a healthy person should not see. I warn you at once that it is impossible to see this, so I take no responsibility for your mental health.

I was unlucky and met this definitely craziest taxi in Malaysia, After that my life was divided into before and after.

I’ll never be the same again. You still have a chance to close your browser window and enjoy the new season of Games of thrones.

Think carefully before you scroll further.

Okay, you asked for it.

At first glance, the taxi is completely unremarkable. A typical Malaysian taxi, but it is given a sign with Christmas on the hood.

 world's craziest taxi 

Getting closer. And, Oh, God! Half of the windshield is littered with trash that washes up to the shore. By the way, the taxi driver forbids me to take pictures of his crazy car, but such nonsense has never stopped me.

Go on. Passenger seat. In Malaysia, traffic is left-hand, so all cars have right-hand drive.

Very nice, but I don’t want to get inside.

Are you sure you want to go inside? It’s not too late to stop and look at your Facebook feed.

You asked for it.

How do you like this? Even IKEA lit up here.

And this is the driver’s seat! Do you feel something change in you? Everything, you will never be the same.

The craziest taxi in the world

Would you order a taxi like this?

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